Louis Vuitton VS. Goyard Handbag Review

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Last year, I shared a 5 Must-Have Handbag Review and it was a huge hit among readers. I received a lot of great feedback and requests to continue to do posts that are similar. It’s important to explore all of your different options when you’re thinking about a large purchase on a handbag. One of my long-time favorite handbags is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote MM. [I actually included it in that review previously mentioned.] But, if you’re a handbag lover, it’s hard not to ignore the growing popularity of the similar Goyard St. Louis PM Tote. Stylistically, I love both and, when I was in their London store, I realized that they’re price points are also very similar. Those two similarities would certainly make this decision a hard one for anyone who is in the market for a functional tote. With that said, I decided to purchase the Goyard tote to try it out for myself to do some investigative work for you. It’s been a few months now since I’ve made that purchase so, today, I’m sharing the pro’s and con’s to each bag so that you can make a better informed decision if you do happen to be wrestling with which one to invest in. I’ll also be sharing which one I prefer and would recommend over the other at the end of the post! Enjoy! xo.

designer handbag review, designer handbag, Louis Vuitton, mason goyard, tote bag, handbag review

HEADS UP! Okay, so I have obtained the above measurements from Louis Vuitton’s official website, however, when I measure the length of my MM it is much longer than 12.6″. I’m measuring 18″ from corner to corner. Just a head’s up … not sure what the issue is there. I know I have the MM for sure so, don’t think I’m measuring the wrong bag, The other two measurements are accurate.

designer handbag review, designer handbag, Louis Vuitton, mason goyard, tote bag, handbag review
designer handbag review, designer handbag, Louis Vuitton, mason goyard, tote bag, handbag review
designer handbag review, designer handbag, Louis Vuitton, mason goyard, tote bag, handbag review
designer handbag review, designer handbag, Louis Vuitton, mason goyard, tote bag, handbag review
designer handbag review, designer handbag, Louis Vuitton, mason goyard, tote bag, handbag review
designer handbag review, designer handbag, Louis Vuitton, mason goyard, tote bag, handbag review

DURABLE, LONG LASTING & WATERPROOF: This tote is made of high quality monogram canvas and when you feel it for yourself you will just KNOW that it is going to stand the test of time. This material is hardcore, strong, and will absolutely be able to withstand horrible weather, too much weight and years and years of use. It’s also waterproof, which is good to know!

SUFFICIENT SPACE: The MM has more space than you would think it does. It’s the medium size of the Neverfull options, and – at first glance – I was nervous that this wouldn’t work as my everyday errand / work bag. However, it has just enough space for all of my work necessities, which helps me to not overpack and weigh myself down. I can fit my laptop in it, a small notebook, sunglasses case, etc. It also has a large zip pocket on the interior for pens or receipts, and also comes with a small pouch to prevent your small items from spilling out all over the bottom of the tote. I also LOVE the little keychain detail on either side of the inside at the top. I hang my keys on them. All of these little details help keep me SUPER organized, which is typically hard to do!

TWO BAGS IN ONE: This tote has side ties that can be cinched up to create a completely different style. Both styles are sleek and sophisticated, and the cinched up version offers your belongings a little more privacy. I say that because, when I travel, I love to wear a tote (because it’s essentially a carry-all) but it’s not the safest option. In travel hot-spots, there are always people on the lookout for tourists who are easy targets, and totes are bags they tend to look for because they can easily see in to them.  Sometimes, totes aren’t the ‘safest’ bags to wear out and about, especially when you’re traveling. So, since it can’t zip close, I think this alternative wear option is great for keeping your items a little bit more secure.

FUN INTERIOR FABRIC: I just LOVE the interior fabric that lines the Neverfull totes, whether its light pink, beige, red, or magenta. I think it really adds to the intrigue and sophistication of this bag. The Goyard totes interior seems to just be the backside of the exterior, which makes it seems a little cheap, if I’m honest. 

VALUE INCREASES OVER TIME: This tote is one of Louis Vuitton’s hero handbags, and most popular! Every year, the brand increases the price of these bags so, if you ever decide to sell it, you could potentially make all your money back if you’ve taken good care of it.

VARIETY OF PATTERN & INTERIOR OPTIONS: Everyone’s style is different which makes this a huge pro for all of us! If you tend to wear lighter colors more often than not, maybe the Damier Azur is for you, but if you love to stick with classics, then the classic LV monogram pattern is all for you! 

DETACHABLE LARGE INTERIOR ZIP POUCH: This is probably my favorite feature of this tote. I need all the help I can get when it comes to organization and this zip pouch is really, really helpful! It can hook on to a small gold piece of hardware inside the tote so it doesn’t slide around everywhere or you can detach it completely and not include it in the mix of items you carry with you in the tote, as well! I also love the size of the pouch. It can fit a considerable amount of items, like my phone, post-it notes, my lip stick of the day, a few pens and some cash, a credit card & ID if I don’t want to bring my entire wallet. 

STIFF LEATHER STRAPS: The leather on this tote is very stiff, especially the straps, when you buy it from your local Louis Vuitton store. I’ve been using mine so much lately and it’s rare that my shoulders don’t feel a little tender from the straps digging into them. Over time, they will loosen up a bit and it won’t be so uncomfortable but wearing them in is a little painful. I think it’s important to not over stuff these bags in the beginning. 

I, honestly, can’t think of any other cons to this handbag at all!


designer handbag review, designer handbag, Louis Vuitton, mason goyard, tote bag, handbag review

HEADS UP! I have obtained the above measurements from multiple purse blogs that I found, however, when I measure the length of my PM tote it is 18″ from corner to corner. 

designer handbag review, designer handbag, Louis Vuitton, mason goyard, tote bag, handbag review
designer handbag review, designer handbag, Louis Vuitton, mason goyard, tote bag, handbag review
designer handbag review, designer handbag, Louis Vuitton, mason goyard, tote bag, handbag review
designer handbag review, designer handbag, Louis Vuitton, mason goyard, tote bag, handbag review
designer handbag review, designer handbag, Louis Vuitton, mason goyard, tote bag, handbag review

HERE is a really great similar, more affordable option to the Goyard tote!

EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT: This bag is made of canvas comprised of cotton, hemp and linen and it is, seriously, light as a feather, which I love! It’s my throw everything in and go bag! Sometimes I feel a little weighted down by the Neverfull because the material is heavier. After a day of carrying my usual purse items around, my shoulders don’t hurt and I feel like I can move as fast as I want to.

DURABLE & WATERPROOF: Despite the fact that the bag’s material is very thin, it actually can carry quite a bit of weight but, obviously, I wouldn’t recommend doing it often. And, even though it’s made out of a canvas material, it is completely waterproof so you can bring it to the pool or the beach as your beach bag without any worry!

• VALUE INCREASES OVER TIME: Just like the Neverfull for Louis Vuitton, the St. Louis is the hero tote for Goyard, and because it’s so popular they will make price increases every so often. Therefore, if it maintains its popularity, its value will continue to increase and you could eventually make money on the bag later on if you decide to sell it. 

• VARIETY OF PATTERN & INTERIOR OPTIONS: Like I said earlier, everyone has different styles and having a variety of color options to choose from allows that personal style show through. Goyard has multiple color options in the St. Louis tote from green to brown to purple to red! Your options are endless! Aside from the standard color option I chose, I also love the gray/white combination and blue option!

STRUCTURE-LESS & FLIMSY: This may be something other people love but, for me, it’s a bit of a con. While the material is high quality and waterproof, it is super thin and easily moveable so if you set it on your counter, it will just fall over on itself. It’s not a complete deal-breaker, in my opinion, but I think I’m just drawn to bags that maintain its structure. 

SHINY: The finish of the totes material has a bit more shine to it, which I don’t particularly love.

CAN’T BE PURCHASED ONLINE: Maison Goyard is a handbag designer that has chosen to not entirely conform to the digital age and provide its shoppers with an e-commerse option on their site. There are many other designers who want to maintain their prestige in that way, making the trip to buy the handbag in the store an exclusive treat for only those who are able to get to one. I think this is a huge con because it prevents those of us who like to ponder a little while before actually pull the trigger from actually being able to do that. So, if you live in Minnesota but you’re on a trip to Paris for 3 days, and you’ve been wanting to check this bag out but not quite sure if you want to make the investment, you only have those 3 days to make that decision. Or … maybe you aren’t quite done putting the funds away just yet! I just think its a disservice to their potential customers, but hey, to each brand their own when it comes to that decision.

SMALL INTERIOR POUCH: This is only a con because the Neverfull’s interior pouch is a considerable size, in the sense that it could actually be a wristlet that you wear out to meet a friend for a drink. It’s actually roomy and you can fit multiple things in it but not the one that’s included in the Goyard St. Louis. It’s also not removable, and the Neverfull totes is. 

HERE is a really great similar, more affordable option to the Goyard tote!

Honestly, I don’t think you can make a bad decision between these two tote bags. They both come from classic designers. They are both a very similar size. The extra height you see on the measurements for the Goyard is because it includes the handles. But, they’re essentially the same. They’re stylistically different in some ways but similar in others. They’re both VERY practical designer handbag purchases, so you should rest easy in that if you choose the one I don’t prefer as much.

If I had to recommend one tote over the other, I think it’s pretty clear I lean more toward the Louis Vuitton Neverfull for reasons I’ve already stated. One thing I would recommend due to the con I mentioned is to consider buying a gently used Neverfull from online resale sites because I believe the more broken in these items are, the more comfortable and impressed you’ll be by them. [My shoulders and I seriously wish mine were broken in, hah!] I have seen the highest number of Neverfull’s with good quality at LuxeDH, but I’ve had great buying experiences at Vestiaire Collective so those are the two I recommend taking a peek at. 

Again, both of these totes are amazing and I love them both. So remember, just because I prefer the LV Neverfull doesn’t make your decision to get the St. Louis a bad one, ya know? Anyway, I hope this review was helpful for anyone who have been saving for one of these two totes!

I’d love to continue to do handbag reviews every couple of months or so! Let me know if there is ever a bag you’d like me to review that is within your price range. I’m open to any bag of any shape, size or price point! And, please let me know if you have any questions and leave them in the comments below and I will get back to them as soon as I can! 🙂 xo.







33 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton VS. Goyard Handbag Review

  1. Nancy Updike says:

    When I was in Paris I saw many more local women with the LV tote than the Goyard.

  2. T says:

    You have every right to browse, try on, ask for prices, all you’d like! These are very expensive luxury items so they know that people are going to look before they leap! When you’re done looking around and trying things on, a simple “let me weigh my options and I’ll be back” is all you have to say.
    Having said that, if you want to get as little assistance as possible, let them know in advance that you’re not buying anything… KEEP THAT TO YOURSELF!

  3. Monique says:

    I do feel LV is aimed at A Non European Market (no Parisian LADY would be seen dead with A LV)

    Goyard is much more classy.

    1. AlysonHaley says:

      Oh really? Interesting. Are you one of those Parisian ladies?

  4. Lisa says:

    Love the review, although I do still have a question. The Goyard doesn’t fit over my shoulder only as a handheld bag. Is the Neverfull made to go on your shoulder? That’s what I need.

  5. KateEr says:

    She was referring to the ability to try on the Goyard, which you cannot do unless you’re in Paris or perhaps purchase from a consignment or resale shop.

  6. Michele says:

    I’ve never had an issue with just browsing. They don’t have to know you don’t plan on buying that day. Just say you need to think about it. In my experience, the sales associates have always been friendly and I’ve never felt pressure to buy anything.

  7. Mandy says:

    Thanks for this review! It was really helpful. I’m thinking about purchasing the LV MM Neverfull myself. Do you have any recommendations for inserts in the bag while carrying to further support the bottom off the bag?


  8. Joey says:

    I have the goyard tote and although I love it, the small attached pouch easily broke off.

  9. Katie says:

    In your (or anyone in comments) experience, how does the Louis Vuitton store handle or appreciate people who come in just to see the bags for themselves/feel the quality or otherwise just to get an up-close first impression with no immediate intention of purchasing? I saw a small Louis Vuitton store in Macy’s the other day, and before I begin saving for one of their items I would like the opportunity to see it first hand. I thought about going in to check one out, but I always get the distinct impression they don’t want people coming in “just to look” (which in theory makes no sense, because if you make a large purchase like a car you’re allowed to get in and test drive, and this is a big purchase). But for whatever reason it always seems like unless you plan to buy immediately, they don’t want you in there. Can anyone attest to this? Or prove I’m wrong? I’d love to know!

  10. JaclynJjJaclyn says:

    I love this post! Thank you for taking the time to do this. I would love to see a review on your Prada. I just bought a Galleria used and I think I am going to love it These are my favorite types of posts. And I actually gave up reading blogs this year, but made an exception for this post 🙂

    1. AlysonHaley says:

      You’re welcome! Happy to help! I was actually just talking to my cousin about that bag. She wanted me to do a review on it, too. I told her I was hesitant to because, for a while, I wasn’t seeing a lot of new colors, so I thought it was transitioning out [and I didn’t want to do a review on a bag that wasn’t readily available for you guys] but over the past few days, I’ve looked at other retailers and see that it is< more available than I thought so I MAY do one on it for y'all. But, I do have a new Spring handbag that I pre-ordered last week that I'm really excited to get. I may have y'all vote between the Prada and the new Spring bag to see which one I do first. :) Thank you for making an exception to read this post! Appreciate it! Out of curiosity, what made you want to stop reading blogs all together?

  11. Alexis de Armas says:

    I am in between the LV Speedy and the Gucci Boston Bag. If you happen to have one or both of those handbags I would love a review.

  12. This was a great review! Thanks for the investigative work 🙂

  13. Allie says:

    This post was awesome!! I have literally been deciding between these two bags for a while now and you have made the decision so much easier for me!! Thank you!

  14. Lauren S. says:

    Love my Goyard! I think it’s so fun because you can personalize it with stripes and initials if you so choose and because you don’t see them everywhere you turn like with LV. I do wish it had a bigger zipper pouch or a compartment inside but they have other (more expensive lol) styles with pockets and zippers. Love your reviews! Keep them coming 🙂

  15. Christy says:

    Great review! I have the same Neverfull and feel the same about the straps! Sometimes I just need to carry less stuff. I purchased mine before the detachable pouch 🙁 But that just gives me an excuse to buy more LV! I know you travel often and was wondering what handbag you would recommend to carry in Paris and also what about a carry on for the plane? I just want to have something stylish but also want it to be fuctional for a tourist trip. I’m going in April for a week but have been told different things! Thanks for your help!

  16. Flower says:

    Could you please review the Lo & Sons Pearl crossbody? I’ve been in search for the perfect travel crossbody.

    I too have the Neverfull and was thinking about getting the Goyard tote when I’m in Paris in a couple of months, but now I think I’ll just invest that money into something else, since my Neverfull serves the same purposes. Thank you for your reviews and yes please keep doing handbag reviews!

  17. Carolina Webster says:

    Looking for a walking around bag, big enough to put my camera, wallet, water. We are going to Barcelona for 3 weeks!! I will also appreciate ideas for travelling outfits. Needless to say, I love your blog!

  18. Jamie Ellis says:

    Love this post!

  19. Heather Edwards says:

    What a great detailed post! My next LV purchase will be this Neverfull. You’ve made my decision that much easier by doing such a great review. I’d love for you to do a post on wallets. I saw you had the Zippy, not sure which one. Would love to know which one you have, why you love it, and vs one or the other that you chose from. Thank you so much! I’ll be enjoying your posts from here on out! 😊

  20. Natali Karppinen says:

    Both are classics and of a great quality but Im more for Goyard!


    1. AlysonHaley says:

      It’s definitely a beautiful bag! 🙂

  21. Seriously love this post. I was just making the decision between the two this past Christmas. My hubby choose for me, which made life a little easier. He got me the Neverful bc he could walk in neimans and buy it! Though I think the goyard being hard to attain, makes it more desirable!
    Like playing hard to get 😂

    1. AlysonHaley says:

      Haha! Yeah! I can totally see that! I hope you’re loving your Neverfull! 🙂

  22. Lindsey says:

    Great post! I just purchased an identical Neverfull MM (literally–it was delivered yesterday)! I’d love to see a blog post reviewing some handbags that you’ve worn for several years, discussing things like wear and tear, any quality issues that you weren’t anticipating, whether or not you’d consider the purchase “worth it,” etc. I love saving to buy luxury items, but I’m always curious about the shape they will be in 3-5 years down the road!
    Love your blog. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  23. Lauren A McKay says:

    I would love to hear the reviews of your Chloe bags! I still regret the day I passed up a navy blue Chloe saddle bag at Nordstrom Rack!

    1. AlysonHaley says:

      Hey Lauren! Chloe is definitely a favorite designer brand of mine. I reviewed their Marcie satchel last year in the handbag review. I linked to that post in the first paragraph in this post. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t, and I’ll definitely keep reviewing another Chloe bag in mind for the future! Going to see what some other gals want to see 🙂 xo.

  24. Carolina Webster says:

    Exactly the review I needed, getting my LV this weekend. I am planning to take it to Europe as I think it is a perfect traveling bag, will you agree with this? I noted your comments regarding the stiffness of the straps so will have to use it everyday until my trip (April). Do you have any other suggestions for traveling bags?

    1. AlysonHaley says:

      Aw, thanks Caroline! So glad it helped! Definitely wear it as much as you can before you travel with it! What kind of travel bag are you looking for? Luggage or a bag to walk around with? And, where are you going in Europe?

  25. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Love the review of the LV. I had my first LV bag in 1983. And still do to this day. LV brand, It’s been a love of mine since.

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  26. Victoria says:

    I thought this was a really informative and cool post! It was definitely interesting, even though I’m not in the market for a handbag that price. It would be great if at some point in the future if you could do something similar with your bags at a lower price point like Rebecca Minkoff or Tory Burch.

    1. AlysonHaley says:

      Hey Victoria! Glad you liked it even though it wasn’t something that is useful for you right now, but maybe it will be in the future! 🙂 Have you checked out the handbag post I did last year? I linked it in the first paragraph of this post if you want to check it out. I reviewed 5 different handbags last April that people had asked me about. They were all different price points and included brands like Tory Burch, Kate Spade and Chloe. So, there was something for everyone! I hope to continue to do handbag reviews, and am definitely open to doing them for a lower price point bag, as well. Any suggestions on any you have your eye on in particular?

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